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The Delta Valley Diving team consists of divers with varying degrees of skill from novice, to collegiate level. Therefore, divers are often separated into skill level/age. During the summer months, there can be up to three different groups of divers. These are the senior divers, Junior Olympic (JO) divers, and Beginning divers. During the fall, all divers practice together to take advantage of the sun and warmth. During the spring, the college divers and younger divers practice at separate times. Delta Valley Diving will also host a masters session on Fridays during the summer! The team practices in an Olympic size pool at San Joaquin Delta College, in Stockton, CA.

Beginner/Novice - This is where new divers begin. They generally have little or no previous diving experience. They work mostly on the basics, such as correct technique, body positioning, and proper diving skills. They compete at a Future Champions level, against other divers of the same skill. Practices are at least 2 days a week.

Junior Olympic (JO) - These are the more advanced divers. They have attained the skills and techniques needed to dive at a higher level of competition. Each diver must be able to execute a set number of dives (based on age/gender) while demonstrating control, power, technique, and grace. This level is open to divers age 8-18. These divers practice 4-5 days a week.

Senior - These are divers over the age of 19. These divers are training for College or at a National/Olympic level. These divers also practice 4-5 days a week.

Masters - These are older divers who want to continue the sport at a less competitive level. Please contact for details.


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