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Delta Valley Diving consists of divers with varying degrees of skill from no experience, to collegiate level. Therefore, divers are often separated into skill level/age. These are Seniors, Junior Olympic (JO), Future Champions (FC), and Lessons divers. 

Lessons - This is where new divers begin. They generally have little or no previous diving experience. They work on the basic skills, such as jumps and lineups. Major focuses for these divers are flexibility, body positions, entries and jumps. Lessons divers practice 2-3 times a week.

Future Champions (FC) - When divers have progressed to the point of compeiting, they compete as Future Champions. These divers continue their flexibility and body shapes. They also begin learning dives and somersaults. There are 8 levels of FC with each level having specific requirements. Divers compete against other divers of the same abilities with no specific age requirements for each level. These divers practice 2-4 days a week dependent on age and ability. 

Junior Olympic (JO) - These are the more advanced divers. They have attained the skills and techniques needed to dive at a higher level of competition. Each diver must be able to execute a set number of dives (based on age/gender) while demonstrating control, power, technique, and grace. These divers also demonstrate the ability to set and work towards goals, and other psychological aspects of diving. The divers in this group compete at local meets and can compete at Regions at coaches invitation. These divers practice 3-5 days a week depending on age. 

Senior - These are divers who reach a minimum level of Degree of Difficulty and are competitive on a national level. These divers are training for College or at a National/Olympic level. These divers practice 5+ days a week.

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