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Grace, Beauty, Strength, Courage

Upcoming Events

USA Diving Zones Championships


       Beaverton, OR

AAU National Championships


       Riverside, CA

CLICK HERE For Summer Lessons Info!

DVD divers crushed it at Regions, sending 6 athletes to Zones in Beaverton in June!!

Our HS girls were the top team at state, with no other team having 4 girls make it to finals! We finished 8th, 12th,13th, and 14th! Congrats ladies!

We are a year-round competitive diving team from Stockton, California, and we are the only competitive team in the Valley. We train on 1 and 3 meter springboard, platform and trampoline. Our goal is to teach basic diving skills to advanced techniques, in a fun and exciting environment, with the safety of the divers being a primary concern. We offer the opportunity to anyone: no experience to the elite diver. Not only do our divers learn and improve their skills, but they also learn how to overcome fear, problem solve, gain friends, better themselves and others, and accomplish things they never thought possible.

Delta Valley Diving practices at San Joaquin Delta College, using two 1 meter and two 3 meter Duraflex diving boards, and a 1m platform with Rough-Tex surface. Delta College features the only outdoor dryland training facility in the Central Valley, including two dryboards (one with a spotting rig) a trampoline with overhead spotting rig, a SAM bungee spotting rig, and multiple flipping and stretching mats. The facilities also have a hot water tub, Sideline Scout video replay system, and a bubbler for under both 1 and 3m. 

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